Benefit from a Life Coach in NYC

Dr. D has coached hundreds of individuals all over the country from lawyers, to business executives and entrepreneurs, to artists and entertainers. Her background in entertainment, advertising and marketing along with her expertise in human behavior, cognitive behavioral precepts and psychology in general, put her coaching services a step beyond those of life coaches who do not have the same training. She successfully works with people across the country via phone and SKYPE. Here are specific ways she can help.

Life Coaching

On the journey of life, we often get stuck at certain points and feel stagnated or uncertain about what decisions to make or which direction to go. This may be associated with career choice, difficulties at work, relationship issues, or parenting challenges, among other things. Coaching is usually short term with very clear and concise goals, and is frequently on an “as needed” basis. Some of the benefits seen through coaching are:

Holistic Mental Health
  • Identifying dating habits that are not working and increasing the likelihood of meeting the right person
  • Increased assertiveness and leadership skills to help get you to your goals
  • Realistic, broken down steps towards attaining your goals
  • Better communication with partners, family, and work colleagues
  • Identifying barriers to improvement and overcoming them
  • Work-life balance
  • Problem solving the various obstacles that keep you from your goals
  • Increasing self confidence, self esteem, and self efficacy; helping you believe in yourself
  • Increasing your experience of aliveness in whatever you set out to do

Career Coaching

Dr. D believes that finding one’s passion and discovering what truly inspires one is a prerequisite to a fulfilling life in which one feels truly “alive.”

Weight Loss Coaching

Dr. Dardashti provides weight loss and wellness coaching for clients who know that they want to make changes in their lives regarding their health and wellness but have difficulty knowing where/how to begin.

Entertainment Industry Coaching

Dr. D has worked with many actors and people in the filmmaking industry. She knows it is a tough world and can help on the talent end or the production end.

ADHD Coaching

Using her expertise in Cognitive Behavioral therapy along with various tools and strategies, Dr. D helps adults with this diagnosis (or features) to surpass associated limitations.

To schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Dardashti at 646-789-5113